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As a plus fifty "young" man, I have experienced what it means to lose your life partner and end up alone. Plenty of those who are not in my skin always tries to console me with words: "at least you have kids, and you are not alone" or something like that. That is true, but this kind of loneliness cannot compare with anything. Living without a partner who will make your company all the time is a hole in your heart every single day! You wish to talk with them while you drink your tea, to walk with them slowly and hold them by the hand. You miss plenty of details from life in a couple. And I am sure that some of you know what I am talking about now. My kids are grown-ups with their own lives, and I am proud of them, they are the biggest reason for me to stop self-pitying. After thirteen years of being single, I decided to find a woman that would inspire me to build a romantic story once again. I was very conservative to go on a date with a bunch of women. My son's advice was to try it online and reduce the selection problem like that, and I accepted it. We did a little research on the Internet and was my first choice. Making a profile was free and easy, and the people who are there are brilliant and friendly. I am thrilled and sure that you will be too because nobody can understand you better than people in a similar situation.