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When my friend told me about the community, my first impression was: I like the name! Finally, I could picture myself contacting someone I love, without finding out later on that he is twenty years younger. I mean, I know I sound spoiled, but not only offline dating steals the energy from you. If you want to find your dating partner, of course, you put yourself all in. It doesn't matter if the conversation is virtual or "face to face," if you like your interlocutor, you will naturally put some effort into it. And I was tired of those disappointments. Do you feel me? As if it was not like I already felt old and lonely, that kind of failure made me feel worse until I checked out the site and transformed my online dating destiny once for all! Creating a profile is free, so I had used the opportunity to take a peak, but after I did it, I never wanted to log off, I was even an addict for a while. That is right, but I am not ashamed of it, because it felt so good after a long time of wondering. Not much has passed before my first friendly coffee, then mature parties, group hiking, and yes, I fell in love! Spontaneously, crazy and adult, I found my man here, and I wish the same for all of you single the forties, be brave and do no give up! This platform is bingo!

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