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Being a Christian from my childhood shaped the way I look at the world. Building a relationship with someone is already complex and challenging, and having the same belief means a lot to me. Online dating by itself is tricky enough, especially when it comes to the legitimacy of dating profiles. In almost every case we doubt if we are chatting with a real person. And then when we finally find a match, we discover that our life views are different. It is easy to bring out some small talk topics, but with religion, it is a whole different thing, you know what I mean. Therefore, what I admire the most about the Just Single Christians platform is that you can be sure about two things. They are all Christians on the network and singles, just like its name suggests. Maybe this doesn't sound like a big deal, but for all of you that are single and religious like me, this is a huge relief. First of all, you can avoid that intimate questions and then again be sure about their religious orientation from the start. The second thing is, maybe it will sound strict, but it is not rare for people to fake their status. It is a common thing to present yourself in the best version that is not always an honest one. I don't claim every single Christian is real in this community, but I can guarantee that most of them are!

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